Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Online

Q: I want to order smaller/larger size than what is listed on the website. Is this possible?

A: Yes, feel free to leave any customizations in the notes of your order! We are more than happy to accommodate to the best of our ability!

Q: I am looking at purchasing a hoop from the website but I live in Southern California. Can I pick up my order from you in person to skip on shipping costs?

A: Yes, just let us know in the notes at checkout and we will let you know when your hoop is ready for pickup. 

Q: Can I order a custom hula hoop from Good Vibe Guru? What if I want a size that is not listed?

A: Yes, Good Vibe Guru offers custom hula hoops! Please shoot us an email at and we can help you create the hoop of your dreams! If you see something that is out of stock or not in the size/tubing you are looking for please email us. We are happy to assist you in anyway that we can!


Q: How long does it take to build my Good Vibe Guru hoop?

A: Build time varies depending on how many orders are in que, but typically 1-2 business days. This does not include shipping time.

Q: Does Good Vibe Guru ship to Canada?

A: Yes, we just started offering shipping to our Canadian neighbors. 

Q: Does Good Vibe Guru offer international shipping?

A: No, Good Vibe Guru currently only ships within the United States. Keep on the look out for International Shipping in the future! 

Q: How does Good Vibe Guru package my items to ship?

A: We use bubble wrap to protect your hoop during shipping! We are working to put all packaged hoops in poly mailers with fragile stickers to reduce the chance of damage during shipping but one step at a time. Silk Veil Fans are packaged in a cardboard box packed with tissue paper. Please reuse any shipping material to prevent it from going to the garbage right away. Recycle any packaging if you have the ability to do so. Good Vibe Guru is currently working to source the most eco-friendly materials for her shop. 

 Q: What shipping service does Good Vibe Guru use?

A: Good Vibe Guru ships packages via USPS. All packages are insured up to $50 and come with a tracking number.

Q: What if I decide I do not like the hoop I ordered?

A: Shoot us an email at with your order number and we will assist you with the return process or in trying to replace your hoop with something else to your liking. All returns must be in perfect condition and received at our shop within 2 weeks of you receiving the item. If listing states “SOLD AS IS / NO REFUNDS” you are purchasing that item under a strict no return policy to be sure to check the item description when placing your order online.

General Hoop Questions

Q: How do I prevent my hula hoop from getting damaged?

A: We expect every hoop to arrive to you in perfect condition. If you repeatedly drop your hoop on rough, textured surfaces such as gravel, asphalt, or concrete the decorative tape will wear away. Good Vibe Guru offers an add on option for protective tape. The protective tape may help your hoop stay in better shape longer but it will not prevent scratches forever. Once the protective tape is scratched off, the decorative tape is then exposed and it will be the next to wear down. Protective tape does add a little bit of weight but not much. We suggest that beginners use their hoops on soft surfaces away from anything that you may scrape it on!

Q: Do you sell bulk tubing/tape?

A: Good Vibe Guru does not offer bulk sales of hoops at this time, but keep an eye out for the future.

Q: What kind of tubing should I get?

A: Good Vibe Guru offers a variety of different tubing materials and hoops. From beginner and fitness hoops, to more advanced tubing like polypro. If you're a beginner Good Vibe Guru recommends a PE beginner hoop or an HDPE hoop. Both of these tubing options carry a little extra weight and are more durable in all seasons. HDPE tubing is also slightly softer than polypro. Polypro tubing is the lightest tubing we offer, it is fast moving and rigid. This is usually chosen by more advanced hoopers, or hoopers looking to advance.

Q: What size hoop should I get?

A: Hoop size varies depending on a lot of factors! How tall are you? Do you know if you can comfortably waist hoop? What are you objectives? Fitness or dance? Please feel free to shoot us an email at and we will help you pick out the perfect hoop!


General Silk Veil Fan Questions

Q: Do you make the silk fans yourself?

A: Yes and No. We get our silk pre-dyed by our friend Emily. I prefer to get my silk dyed elsewhere as my apartment does not support the space to create and dye silk at the capacity that I would be working. I do assemble the silk to the staves as soon as the silk arrives at my shop. 

Q: Do you accept custom silk requests?

A: No. We will maybe consider accepting customs in the future but for now we will have select fans for you to choose from in our shop. 

Q: Are the edges hemmed?

A: Yes, we use a choice gold threading to hem our edges to keep your fans from fraying over time. This is a free service to our customers. 

Q: There is a set of fans that are sold out. Will you be restocking this set anytime soon. 

A: Because our silks are handmade it takes time to dye and assemble this prop. We like to try new varieties to keep the selection interesting and exclusive so we might not restock the one you are looking at right away. Feel free to reach out to us to let us know you are looking at a specific set and we can get it added to the list to reorder for the next release. 

Q: How often do you restock?

A: As these props are handmade with care we typically restock every 1-2 months.