Birthday Experiences

Good Vibe Guru offers a one of a kind birthday experience for people of all ages. Whether you are 7 years old or 70 years old this birthday experience is a perfect way to celebrate another rotation around the sun. 
What our spectacular birthday package includes:
2 hours
5 custom handmade performance hoops fitted to each guest. (more hoops available upon request)
Each guest will spend a few minutes with Good Vibe Guru getting carefully fit into the perfect hula hoop. Hula hoops typically range from 29 to 42 inches in diameter, and the size varies according to the purpose or the size of the person using it, or their personal preference. After being fitted into your custom hoop we will then work through a breath exercise and positive affirmation/intention setting ceremony in which we will express a few things we are grateful for. After setting some intentions for our experience we will then work through the basics of hula hooping. This is fun and interactive and everyone is sure to have a smile on their face. After learning a few of the core elements of hooping we will put together a short choreographed piece to perform as a group. After our short choreographed performance we will finish out the experience with a free flow session where we will continue to practice moves and tricks we learned earlier in the party. 
The experience is a $200 value. 
Contact us today about coming to a birthday party near you! 
Only available in the greater Los Angeles Area. 
Must reserve space 2 weeks ahead of time!