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Meet the Team at Good Vibe Guru

These individuals represent all the characteristics of who a Good Vibe Guru is. They are kind and selfless individuals who strive to be the best versions of themselves everyday. They are true to who they are and hope to inspire others to also live to their true potential as well. 


Ana Cruz is a passionate and bubbly hooper based out of Boulder, CO. She has used hooping to help deal with anxiety and depression as well as weight loss and creating self-confidence. Hooping has helped Ana have a more positive outlook on life and she wants to spread her passion to anyone that will listen. Ana enjoys performing and teaching at festivals and local flow jams and making connections with her peers.


"Hi! My name is Kelly. I am a selfless individual who aims towards helping other people in every aspect of life! I have a wrist disease which really puts a strain on hooping, but i believe hard work and determination are some of the main ingredients to success. You can do ANYTHING you desire. It's right there! Grab it, and make it yours :) "


"My name is Sarah Brady - I danced competitively in all through childhood and then in college picked up a hoop and yoga. These flow activities gave me the release and meditative movement I missed from dancing. I'm now living in NYC with my boyfriend and my cat Tommy. I'm enjoying the live music (dirtybird!), craft beer, and hooping sessions in the park or my kitchen with the occasional camping festival."


"Hello, my name is Kylie! I was born in Missouri and now reside in Arkansas. I have been hooping since September 2015, and in June 2016 I started my visual performance/production career. I suffered from a birth defect that left me with one hand, and it held me back for years. Hooping gave me the light I was searching for. Being a part of The Good Vibe Gurus Collective has not only given me the opportunity to be a part of something bigger, but realize there are business owners that believe in spreading constant love and growing relationships with others. I’d love more inspiration if you’d like to find my instagram @hula_ilona, and please feel free to use my code “kyhoopz” to save! Much love"


"Hi, I'm Jackie. A 29 year old Accountant currently living in Denver, Colorado. I began my hoop journey in June 2013 at Wakarusa and I've been obsessed ever since. I fell in love watching all the beautiful people dancing about with their hoop. I normally stick with a single hoop but have recently ventured into doubles, rope dart and fans. Flowarts has given me confidence, taught me self love, has helped me cope with anxiety as well as allowing me to step out of my comfort zone."


" When I was a kid growing up I would go to a lot of Native American Pow-Wows. At everyone of these gatherings there were male hoop dancers and each dancer had up to 12 Hoops. Using all the hoops the dancers would tell a story in their dance and this inspired me to one day make my own set of hoops and begin my story. I remember the first time I've played with fire. I was in Paris, France for a month long vacation. There I met and trained with some of Europes most talented Flow Artist and on the last day of my travels, which also happened to be my birthday, my good friend Lila Chupa-Hoops invited me to spin fire with the local fire spinning community."


"Hi, I’m Tracey! I’m a 25 year youngin living in Chicago. I’ve been hooping since the beginning of 2017 so I’m new to the hooping game but have been involved in other flow arts such as levi wands and gloving since 2014. Hooping has been such a positive influence in my life and now becoming a family member of The Good Vibe Guru, I can spread this positivity to others in the hopes of making a difference in their lives as well."



"Hello Flowmies! My name is Jess and I’m a born and raised California girl. My favorite color is Teal and I really like jellyfish. I am a Taurus ♉️ and fit most of those characteristics. I found hooping while living in NC on tumblr and decided it looked “fun and cool”. I originally started hooping with a Walmart Wave Hoop and soon realized my true love for polypro. At first it was for the videos then it became for me to exercise and release emotion. Now it’s to feel normal. Hooping (and all flow art alike) is the best way to learn how to love yourself and learn what your body is truly capable of.  I found myself through this plastic circle, and I’m here to help spread the love for movement medicine so you can too. I am so thankful to be a part of this.Flow Family. #GOODVIBES - USE ‘dropdeadjessx’to SAVE at checkout"


"I'm Jaimee Benson, aka @motherlubbens on Instagram, and I am so proud to be a Good Vibe Guru! I am 30 years old, and I have been hoop dancing since 2015 and it has helped transform my postpartum body and battle my depression and anxiety. I am a stay at home mom, but I aspire to become a competitive natural body builder, and hoop instructor in my local stomping grounds of Fayetteville, Arkansas. I am a working artist with a degree in ceramics and studio art, and I love creating all kinds of functional and gallery art works. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. I love seeing what all the other amazing flow artists are working on in our community. And don't forget to use my code "flowlub" to save when you order!"


"Hi! My name is Molly Coley, originally from Upstate NY but have been living in Colorado for a little over 3 years. I'm 23 years young and have been hooping for 2 years. In the last year I've also began to dive into fan flow which I  love more and more every day! Im so thankful to be a part of The Good Vibe Guru team. It's such an amazing thing to be a part of; spreading positivity, a love for flow arts and SO much more! "



"Hey yall my name is kristen, but call me luna. I was raised in the south, but now live in CO. I picked up a giant fat hoop 5yrs ago and haven't stopped spinning! I love to hoop to really trance music or music that is as bubbly as I am. My fav way to hoop is using doubles, or spinning fire. Excited to see how I learn and grow within this amazing community. Love, light, and good vibes all around."




"Haaaaiiii everybody! My name is Lauren (aka @ladysunflow). I am 27-years-old and I've been spinning these little circles of wonder for 6 years!! Since then, I have picked up a little bit of poi and began a regular(ish) yoga practice. Hooping has not only inspired me to try new things, but it has connected me with so many incredible people. I am so grateful to have this flow community to share and spread love with.
Aside from flow arts, I work as a pediatric physical therapist in Lexington, SC (I'm originally from upstate NY). I engage with kids from 0-21 and facilitate improved movement patterns, help to manage pain, and promote age-appropriate gross motor milestones. Sometimes I even use hula hoops to help with coordination, balance, full body strengthening, you name it! I'm also married to a poi spinning, drummer, nuclear engineer named Luke! We have a fur baby named Luna who is the sweetest little kitty that ever lived! (Ya know, to us anyway).
To conclude this extremely long bio, I want to thank Cassie and the rest of the Good Vibe Guru team for being so warm, welcoming, and loving. I am over the moon with happiness to be a part of this collective."


"What's up flowmies? My name is Stephanie, I'm a multi-prop artist from Florida that moved to Colorado a few years ago! Hooping has only been a part of my life for a little over a year, but I've been flowing with levi-wand for over 3 years. Silk fans and palm torches have also found their way into my arsenal recently:) I'm beyond grateful for the presence of flow arts in my life. The ability to share, connect, and grow with others in this community has been life changing. One day, my goal is to teach movement meditation through flow arts and help others connect to their flow state. Love, peace ,and good vibes"



Lizzie Steger is a performer based in Central Florida that normally goes by Lustrous Liz. She is 21 years old and has been into flow arts for 5 years now. Her acts include circus hooping, silk fans, LED light shows with hoops and poi, along with fire shows with hoops, poi and fire wands. She also is a private hoop instructor. Aside from performing, she is training in both lyra and silk aerial arts. Lizzie is a multi-talented artist that loves to give back to the community. You can use her discount code "LustrousLiz" for 15% off purchases $30 or more. 


"My name is Nerisa and my performance name is Kitty Bionic. I'm a childhood bone cancer survivor and an amputee of the leg as a result of my tumor. I discovered hula hoops and the flow arts community at 29. As an amputee, I struggled with debilitating back pain from poor balance and muscle atrophy as I learned how to walk with a prosthetic leg. Struggling for a solution to my aches and pains, I stumbled upon an article suggesting hula hoops for core strengthening and balance. Desperate for a non-boring workout that wasn't too intense, the hula hoop made perfect sense to me, and it was! Five years into hula hooping and adaptive flow arts (as I like to call it), I've regained so much balance, improved my strength, coordination, and most importantly my self-esteem! The circle has reshaped my life in such a beautiful and transformative way, that I am driven and committed to sharing the joys of hula hoops and the incredible world of flow arts with everyone! Thank you, Cassie, for such a wonderful honor & opportunity to be part of your Good Vibe Guru Ambassador's."