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The Guru

 Cassie Kizer

Owner of Good Vibe Guru


Hooping has changed my life unlike any other activity I've ever dedicated myself to. When I first began my journey I wanted to learn some cool tricks to show off to my friends at shows but have since found so much more than just tricks. First and foremost, I've found a healthy outlet to express my emotions. Whenever I'm angry, sad, happy, excited, nervous, etc, I find myself in my circle. It has become a way for me to silence the voice inside my head; good, bad and indifferent. I've found some of my best friends through the flow art community. It's taught me to never stop trying to work towards my goals because with discipline and determination I can truly achieve anything I set my mind to. I never thought I would find a passion that inspires me the way hooping does so I thank the universe everyday for sparking my interest many years ago.